Carrie: Lead singer (the newest Muppit!)

She says, “Since I can remember, I have always loved singing. I spent many years as part of a female singing duo working in different venues across East Anglia. After 7 years I decided to take a break but after meeting ‘The Muppits’ I realised how much I missed it and decided to dust off my vocal chords as they are such a great band.”
Flattery goes a long way !! Might even keep her on !!!!

Rob: Lead Guitar and backing vocals;
Steve: Drummer – need I say more!!

Rob and Steve both played in the ‘Birdie Jones Band’ a long time ago with a very good friend of ‘The Muppits’, Glen Robinson. (Glen now plays with Zoom Club.) They completed a few years as professional musicians and as with a lot of bands, eventually went their seperate ways.
It was 2002, over 20 years had passed since Rob, Steve & Glen played in the Birdy Jones Band, they got together for a jam to see if they wanted to make a go of a new band.. Rob, Glen, Trudie, Steve.. and a bass player??

At this first band rehearsal they got on well and chatted about a name for the band, it was Glen that jokingly put forward the name ‘The Muppits’… Everyone laughed at this ridiculous band name but nothing else was forthcoming and this ironic name stuck. It was Steve who decided the spelling should change to differentiate from the infamous puppets.

Terry: Bass and backing vocals

Terry has been in and around music since school days – a very long time indeed! At 16 he played drums in a band in his home village in East Sussex. He continued playing drums and singing in many types of bands including Pop, Country (one gig – that was enough!) and heavy rock at various locations around the South East, until giving up playing in the early 80’s.
As with all of us, marriage, children and work dictate your life! Work forced a move to Suffolk where he met up with this load of disreputable people.

Terry had been doing a little bit of sound mixing and “Roadying” (is that a word?) for this motley crew and was dragged away from the bar one afternoon by Rob who stated “Get in there and play that bass!” He has been playing Bass now for (cor!?) well since April 2012!! Yes a whole new area for him to cock up! Yeah OK, the fact that he has been known to knock out a chord or three on both 6 and 12 string guitars may have helped a bit.

Apparently, once a ‘Muppit,’ you can never really leave. Most past Muppits have gone and returned either as guests or have rejoined the band……………… Worrying!!